Tuborg explores a different angle


Tilt Your World, explores the wonders in everyday life that emerge when we take a slightly different view of the world around us. In the spot we see a group of people tilting their heads – just like the label on a bottle of Tuborg is tilted – and then experiencing the world from a different angle.

While the original premise of the tilting world was established at the outset, the story was told in a vignette format. To make the film more engaging and personal, Torben suggested anchoring the concept around four distinct characters to really explore the logic of a tilted world in the depth through them. Alongside these characters, the viewer slides, leaps and bounds through an ever-shifting urban landscape.

“The tilted label made me explore my own city from a different view,” said Kjelstrup, “I started looking at the streets in my neighbourhood from a new perspective and felt like I was seeing everything for the first time again. That’s the feeling I hope people will get when watching the film and when they see the bottle in the supermarket; a different perspective.”

One of the biggest challenges of the shoot was to devise solutions that ‘turned’ gravity in a credible way. “For some shots, we built sets at the correct angle,” added Kjelstrup, “but for most exterior shots we just turned the camera around and had to pull and drag the actors along wires in ways which felt credible to the laws of physics. This was a tricky balance to strike, as we wanted gravity to feel present and still allow room for the dancers to express their personalities.”

Director: Torben Kjelstrup

Client: Tuborg

Agency: WDP