Denmark is open for film production and we would be more than happy to help clients, agencies and colleagues from all over the world
to get their production solved in these difficult times to all of us.

At time of writing no recommendations specific to our industry or addressing the practical realities of a film set were available. As such, the industry specific measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 seen below, are derived from more broadly applicable rules and guidelines for work environments.
We are seeking formal approval of these with Danish labour and health authorities. However, we attest that the information below to be true to requirements, to the best of our understanding.

1. Production must enable the required social distancing. This means leaner crews and planning to ensure departments can work sequentially. This will cause a small decrease in productivity. We estimate this at about 10%.

2. Maximum number of people on set is limited at 10

3. For interior shoots, every person inside at any one time requires 4m2

4. Big crowd scenes, requiring close physical proximity are not possible to execute responsibly at this time.

These are the main consequences of COVID related requirements at this time. This is a simplification of the more comprehensive requirements.

Please feel free to reach out if any questions and we will accommodate your production requests
the best we can do within the new circumstances.